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Qualifications To Be A Director

Under the Condominium Act, R.S.O. 1998, C19, the following specifications are required in order to be eligible for the election or appointment as a Director of a Condominium Corporation.

Qualifications - Section 29 (1)

No person shall be a Director if

  1. the person is under eighteen years of age;
  2. the person is an undischarged bankrupt; or
  3. the person is a mentally incompetent person.

Disqualifications - Section 2

A person immediately ceases to be a director if,

  1. the person becomes an undischarged bankrupt or a mentally incompetent person; or
  2. a certificate of lien has been registered under subsection 85 (a) against a unit owned by the person and the person does not obtain a discharge of the lien under subsection 85 (7) within 90 days of the registration of the lien.