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TSCC 1431 Declaration - Schedule “D”

Current budget:

Percentage Interest in Common Elements & Percentage Contribution to Common Expenses by Unit and Level Number

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  Allocated To The Unit: % Share $/month
Unit # - -
Parking #1: - -
Parking #2: - -
Locker #: - -
  Total Contribution    

When selecting your unit number, # stands for any level. Since this is based on square footage only, 301 has the same share as 501, 601, 701, and so on, except for penthouse levels.

This page represents the data in a document called: Schedule 'D' - Percentage Interest in common elements and percentage contribution to common expenses by unit and level number. As a hard copy it is attached the copy of the declaration that every new owner gets when they move in.

CONDO FEES = UNIT contribution + PARKING SPOT(s) contribution + LOCKER contribution

The monthly amounts shown were calculated based on the --- annual budget of ---

* Note: The percentage contributions do not change from year to year

If you selected your unit/parking/locker combination in the menus above this graph represents the monthly condo fees you paid or would have paid over the years indicated

Maytower 2 Budget Increases from 2005 to 2018