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Fixing a Leaking Toilet

A lot of water is wasted because of leaking toilets. In a condominium owners pay (through their maintenance fees) for every gallon of water that is consumed. If we all do our part the water bill can be considerably reduced. Please educate yourself about this issue affecting us all.

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A resident writes:

Hello Directors of Maytower II,

I'm the resident owner of unit ### and I'd like to bring your attention to a possible cause of water waste, in case you have not considered it already. Recently, my toilet started to leak and generated some noise when it's quiet. I replaced the rubber valve and it solved the problem.

Since I didn't know how much water was leaking, I didn't pay too much attention to it, until I heard that at my parents' house, the very same problem happened and after they replaced the valve, they were able to cut the water bill by half!

My guess is since our building has been around for several years, all of the valves must be aging to the same degree. This could be partly responsible for the recent large increase in water consumption.

I doubt everybody is on top of this and have replaced their own valves.

Has this issue ever come up in any of the board meetings? Shall we start a campaign to replace the valves in our building?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing your reply.

Resident of May Tower II

toilet drawing
Parts of a Toilet