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May Tower II Property Layout

May Tower II is a 24-storey building. The first level is occupied by the main lobby, the mail room, the management office, the recycling room, some lockers and the gym. The second level has the ping pong and mahjong room, the library, the party room and the guest suites.

Residential units start from level #3 and they are distributed as shown on the left. The 3 penthouse levels allocate 8 units each and the remaining floors 13 units each.

Floor # of Units
Ph 3 8
Ph 2 8
Ph 1 8
25 13
23 13
22 13
21 13
20 13
19 13
18 13
17 13
16 13
15 13
12 13
11 13
10 13
9 13
8 13
7 13
6 13
5 13
3 13
# Units 271

Do you know why are so many floor numbers missing in our building?

The levels of a multi-story building are numbered sequentially, from "one" or "ground" upwards. In some countries, the number 13 is considered unlucky and building owners will sometimes purposely omit the thirteenth floor. Even landlords who are not themselves superstitious realize that the rentability of suites on the 13th floor might be compromised because of superstitious tenants, or commercial tenants who fear superstitious customers.

Similarly, new buildings in some parts of China omit the fourth, fourteenth, twenty-fourth, etc. floors, as the word "four" (Hanzi: ) sounds like "death" in Mandarin, the predominant dialect for the country, and most other Chinese dialects. A small number of buildings also follow the Western tradition of omitting the thirteenth floor, with the fifteenth floor immediately following the twelfth.

The same logic was applied to the numbering of the units therefore there's no unit #4 nor unit #14.

Residences Layout

Click on a unit number in the floorplates below to see its detailed floorplan.

Typical Floorplate

Maytower 2 floorplate

Penthouse Floorplate

Penthouse floorplate Maytower 2

If you do not understand these diagrams see these 3D images for clarification. The images show a horizontal slice of the building. The black rectangles that expand from unit 1 to unit 16 (typical floorplate) and unit 1 to unit 9 (penthouse floorplate) correspond to the elevator shaft; while the grey rectangles next to units 2 and 15 (typical floorplate) and next to units 2 and 8 (penthouse floorplate) respectively indicate the location of the stairwells.

Photos of the construction of May Tower II