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Bylaw No.5 - Toronto Standard Condominium Corporation 1431

Defining the "Standard Unit"

The text below describes by-law #5 in general terms; for a complete draft of this by-law contact management.


The corporation is responsible for insuring the units (as defined in this bylaw) among other things. If repairs are needed in a condo unit due to damage (not normal wear and tear) the corporation will pay for them but only to bring it to the standards defined by this by-law. If you or any previous owner have upgraded your suite with, say, marble foyer floors or granite kitchen countertops, damage to those will not be repaired by the corporation as they do not conform to the definition of the "standard unit".

When damage occurs (for example by flood or fire) determining who is at fault is only important to decide who must pay the deductible amount (initial cost up to a stated amount). If the unit owner caused the damage, say, because of negligence, then he or she must pay the deductible and the insurance company will cover the rest. Again, if unit features not defined in this bylaw are damaged repairing them is the responsibility of the unit owner and should be covered by his/her own insurance policy.

Read our Certificate of Insurance where the policy is explained

How does it work?

Standard Unit

How do you know what constitute a "standard unit"? Easy, all the finishes, sizes, materials colors, etc that define a standard unit are listed in Schedule A below.

The unit owner is responsible for maintaining and repairing all improvements (upgrades) and shall insure them with the customary coverage provided to condominium unit owners. Although the Corporation need not be provided with a copy of a unit owner's policy of insurance, with respect to the improvements, the Corporation may request in writing sufficient evidence that said improvement(s) are insured.

Any repairs, maintenance, and/or servicing to be conducted by a unit owner to his/her respective unit, shall only be performed by an accredited professional.

Schedule A : Residential Unit Class - Standard Unit


8 Feet ceiling height in unit

  • Approximately 8 foot ceiling height in all main living areas, with the exception of penthouse units (being units 1 to 8 inclusive on level 22, units 1 to 8 inclusive in level 23 and units 1 to 8 inclusive on level 24) that have 9 foot ceiling height.


One smoke detector

  • All living rooms and master bedrooms pre-wired for cable television.
  • All kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms pre-wired for telephone.
  • One smoke detector, heat detector and alarm annunciator in each suite.
  • A switched duplex outlet is provided in the living room and in each bedroom.
  • All switches are standard toggle switch.
  • A capped ceiling outlet complete with switch is provided in the dining area.
  • Individual suite electrical panel with circuit breakers.


Basic carpet

  • 36 oz. broadloom off-white in colour no pattern with ¼ inch foam underpad in living rooms and bedrooms.
  • 12” x 12” basic ceramic tiles white in colour no pattern flooring In foyer.
  • 6”x6” basic ceramic tiles white in colour no pattern in kitchen and bathrooms.


Kitchen finishes

  • White Formica finished laminate countertops and doors. Upper cabinets have adjustable shelves. Lower cabinet have a shelf and one bank of drawers on rollers.
  • Stainless steel double sink with chrome, single lever washerless faucet.
  • Exhaust range hood vented to exterior.
  • Ceiling mounted builders basic standard black in colour 3-head track light with incandescent bulbs.


Basic Stucco Ceiling

  • Ceiling and bulkheads - approx. 10 inch drop ceilings in bathroom.
  • Paint grade on walls and doors - flat Latex white or off-white.
  • Stucco ceiling except in bathroom which is finished in a flat latex white or off-white paint.
  • Door to bedroom(s), bathroom and linen closet - hollow core painted white.
  • One standard incandescent 2-bulb light fixture at entrance.

General Finish

Solid-core entry door

  • Painted white colonial style interior swing doors installed in a hollow metal frame.
  • Solid core entry door.
  • Painted white builder's standard basic wood baseboards 3¼ inches high.
  • Suite interior walls are drywall (½ inch). primed one coat and painted one coat of white.
  • Halls and closets are drywall (½ Inch) primed one coat and painted one coat of white.
  • Stucco finished ceilings throughout except for kitchens and bathrooms which have a smooth painted finish to match drywall.
  • Builder's basic standard ceiling mounted incandescent 3-bulb light fixture, with bevelled glass/brass fixtures in the foyer and halls.
  • Wall mounted 4-light vanity strip fixtures in bathrooms.
  • All doors provided with builders basic standard brass hardware.
  • Mirrored sliding closet doors in foyer.
  • All bedroom sliding closet doors are masonite with white surface.
  • Each closet is provided with vinyl coated wire shelving.
  • All windows provided with white vertical vinyl window blinds.


Standard Washroom

  • Walls - drywall (½ Inch), primed and painted one coat of white semi-gloss.
  • Ceilings - drywall (½ inch), primed and painted one coat of white semi-gloss.
  • 60 inch acrylic bathtub white in colour with build-in armrest
  • Shower compartment – “Moen” chrome, single lever, washerless, pressure balancing shower and tub control, walls 6”x6” basic white no pattern ceramic tile, ceiling painted drywall.
  • White two piece lined toilet
  • Vanity (32 inches x 21 inches) - Formica finish with double door cupboards below and mirror (30 inches x 40 inches) above in master bedroom (if applicable)
  • Cultured marble vanity top (30 inches x 21 inches) and basin with front overflow in main bathroom.
  • Lighting - chrome vanity strip with 4-incandescent light bulbs over mirror
  • Bathroom basin faucets or “Moen” single knob control and washerless


  • Europlex Technologies Suiteplex 3806ZL suite entrance alarm system

This by-law also stipulates that

  • Any of the aforementioned materials may be replaced with a material that is of similar or better quality and finish, should the original materials not be available for any reason.
  • Should a dispute/disagreement arise over the quality and/or finish of any item listed above, the final and unfettered determination of same shall be reserved to the board of directors.
  • The Residential Unit Class - Standard Unit shall not include any flooring material (unless otherwise provided for above) and/or any light fixtures of any sort (unless otherwise provided for above)

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